The New Best thing in Amazon!!

Deals to grab  is an e-commerce and cloud computing company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is known as the largest Internet retail company in the world. The company started as an online bookstore but has diversified to sell DVDs, software, video games, electronics.While the fourth quarter has not quite ended, and it will take […]

Get what you want At Mantri mall

Go for it!! Mantri Square is Bangalore’s one stop entertainment and shopping destination. It has over 250 retail Stores and it is the only retail mall in South India to have 5 departmental all under one roof. Mantri Square is also the first and only retail Mall in India to have a direct Metro connectivity. I Mantri Square is Bangalore’s one stop […]

Hyderabad’s Koti

Cheap and Best Koti is famous for the book business. A wide variety of book shops are located here. Bank Street in Koti is a financial center of Hyderabad city. Important national and private banks are located here like the Central Bank of India, State Bank of India  Andhra Bank etc. The famous Gokulchat restaurant, which was involved in […]

Travelling in Thar

  The Thar Desert is a realm of ancient beauty, history and legend.  Spreading out along much of the border of modern day India and Pakistan, the Thar Desert has served as the frontier between the western world (Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East) and the eastern world (India, China and the Far East) […]